6picas – About Us

6picas is an independent design studio based out of Denver, CO. Focusing primarily on web, graphic, and type design, 6picas uses these tools to deliver a complete package to it’s clients.


6picas is dedicated to effective and meaningful communication of ideas through clean design, type, and web usability.


Daniel Alt – Owner


Creative and organized graphic, type, and web designer, my work is minimalistic in nature focusing on the hierarchy of information and a content-first approach. Armed with an undergraduate degree in computer science, and a graduate degree in graphic design, I am able to bring a comprehensive package to my clients.

Specializing in the following services:

Email and web design and implementation:  Email template design and coding (responsive and Outlook compatible design), web design and coding (static or WordPress), website maintenance and modification services.

Typography services: Custom type design/modification, typeface pairings, and web font services.

Graphic Design: Branding (logo, color scheme, typography, flyers, brochures, business cards, etc) campaign creation and implementation, brand and style guide creation, magazine layout, and book design and layout services.


Proximity Green

Feder Commercial Realty Advisors 

Studio Nunnari

Trevi Vintage Design

Diana Baumbach