Carolina Cue To Go

Studio Nunnari (6picas’ partner agency in NYC) enlisted 6picas to help set up the new BBQ mail-order Carolina Cue To Go‘s website. Studio Nunnari had done the majority of the design and client facing side (which is looking great, btw!), but needed help with a few layout elements as well as setting up the backend of the e commerce site.

The Problem

Carolina Cue To Go had some very specific needs when it came to shipping. As their main product was shipping pulled pork, they several elements to come together in order to get their product shipped. Their criteria was:

  • Orders must be taken through paypal or credit card
  • Shipping must be done through Fedex and processed through their fulfillment center
  • Shipping is calculated by weight, total product dimension, and postal code
  • Customers must be offered three methods of shipping: ground, 2-day, and overnight
  • A $5  handling fee is applied to general merchandise and a variable handling fee is applied to the BBQ products.

Payment Processing

Once that criteria had been laid out, Studio Nunnari and 6picas got to work. The first order of business was linking paypal to their bank account. We were using Woocommerce so that was fairly easy with paypal’s API. Although paypal accepts credit cards, the site also needed to accept credit cards natively. Using the Simplified Commerce plugin and API we were able to link creditcard payments to the bank and integrate the credit card processing on the page in the same style.


The next step was to set up the shipping. The client’s fulfillment center was set up to process through Fedex so we started with that requirement. We wanted the shipping to automatically calculate based on what was being shipped, how fast, and where it was going. Using these prerequisites, we integrated Fedex’s API into Woocommerce and  linked all the proper account information. For this process to work, we had to add product weight and dimension to every product so that Fedex’s API could calculate shipping based on the 4 variables: size of box, weight of box, destination of box, and speed of shipping. Once all the product data was set up we did a few test orders to ensure that the system was fully functioning as intended (it was).

Handling Fee

Finally, Fedex’s API was lacking one feature that our client needed to have. An ability to ad a handling fee for certain products and categories of products.  A handling fee was included separately for any meat products being shipped (for dry ice and special packaging) and a handling fee for general merchandise was added to cover fees from the fulfillment center and the cost of packaging. This was tricky to implement but with some creative PHP code and internal Woocommerce functions editing, we were able to iterate though the cart and assign additional fees based on what items were in the cart.


Overall the launch went very well with over $2000 in sales the first day and steadily rising since. Both the client and the fulfillment center are happy with the easy of order processing and the smoothness of transactions. Going forward, Studio Nunnari and 6picas will follow up with the client in a few months to gather metrics and look at the data and see what can be improved.



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